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:-)      classic smile with nose
:-(      classic sad with nose
:)      classic smile without nose
:(      classic sad without nose
:-B      buck-tooth
:-#      with braces
>:3      lion
:-|      indifferent
;-)      winking smile with nose
;)      winking smile without nose
`:-)      one eyebrow raised
:P      tongue sticking out (silly)
O:-)      I'm an angel
',:Y      Concerned Duck
~:>      chicken
x-(      Angry, bummed out
^.^ or ^_^      Extremely pleased
~(_8(I)      Homer Simpson
(::[]::)      bandaid; offering help or support
8=====D~~      Excitements
:'-)      happy crying (generally associated with mockery)
|-O      yawn
:-D      laughter
%-(      confused
B-)      Batman / smiley with glasses
:-@      scream
:@      what???     (seriously?)
:-0 / >O      former - surprised, latter - yell "Ouch! You stepped on my toe!"
;0      Crappy Face
(:-D      gossip, blabbermouth
8D      Awesome
:-&      tongue tied
c^:3      Left Mouse
:-X      My lips are sealed, or "mum."
:-E      Fangs sticking out.
=0      surprised
XD      Laughing with eyes closed, mostly the same as LOL
;:^)B>      Beard with buck teeth and nose:
O.O      Shocked (alternately o.O)
8I      Not happy or sad

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